About Us
Welcome to Alunan Sena Sdn Bhd

We are distributor and wholesaler of all types of ice blended powder, juice concentrate, pearl, puree, snow ice, snack, sauce, seasoning powder…… from our exclusive local manufacturer who has 15 years of experience in making these products. We are proud as the products that we distribute are being used widely by overseas countries.

We have R&D department to work closely with our customer to cater to their needs or OEM service. Our product with the amount of additives used is very much below the limit set by Ministry of health Malaysia and JAKIM Halal. Addition to that, our products does not consist of 50% more sugar and no DEHP.

Our company gives you access to all right tools you need to get started in business and offer consultancy and free training.

Our main points :-
  • JAKIM certify Halal
  • Malaysia products
  • No DEHP
  • No 50% more sugar
  • R & D department
  • OEM service
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